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Author: Andy Sy
To: compsci
Subject: Norvig on Lisp
Peter Norvig's 1999 Lisp Users Group talk slides.

Lots of good ideas... worthy Reading.

The part on Patterns is especially eye-opening. Patterns
need not be explicit. They may be subsumed in language
syntax and conventions.

Like I always suspected, patterns are C++-centric /
came into vogue because of the need to provide yet
another layer of abstraction over the C++ object model.
In many other better languages, you don't really need
to have to think about patterns explicitly. The language
facilities embody 'patterns'. The better the language,
the more powerful and at the same time easy-to-understand
/ easy-to-use the abstractions are. Why burden yourself
with the need to think in yet another semantic level - i.e.

C++ is the worst language when it comes to creating
conceptual clutter. First you gotta master the Effective
C++ and More Effective C++ language usage rules (non-negotiable
imo). Then you gotta know your OO Design and Analysis,
then you have to know Patterns Concepts... then generic
programming concepts as exposed via STL.... argggghhhhh!!!!!

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