Re: [xtradius] Gentoo ebuild for xtradius

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Author: XtRadius Mailing List
To: xtradius
Subject: Re: [xtradius] Gentoo ebuild for xtradius
On Monday 26 July 2004 17:11, Nick Mashchenko wrote:
> MC> Does anyone else on this list use Gentoo and would like
> MC> to help me get xtradius into the Gentoo distribution ?
> I don't, but what is the problem? Say it here, and may be
> we can help you...

Well I've already posted a Gentoo ebuild into their request
system 12 months ago but it still hasn't made it's way into
the main distribution area (or "portage" as it's known). I
just now manually built it with that same ebuild on an AMD64
system and it seems to work just fine.

I was hoping that some other Gentoo user could also post a
followup request onto this page below so it looks like their
is more than one person who needs xtradius under Gentoo :-)

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