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Press release

10 May 2004
For immediate release

Internet Resource Management Essentials for Philippines Internet Community

The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) and University of Santo
Tomas are collaborating to train network engineers in the valuable skills
of planning, requesting, and managing resources needed to operate Internet
facilities. University Santo Tomas is a Gold sponsor for a two-day APNIC
training event in Manila on Internet Resource Management and Internet
Routing Registry.

APNIC's training team, who train Internet technical staff throughout the
Asia Pacific region, will visit Manila to provide training on Tuesday 25th
May and Wednesday 26th May, 2004.

The course will provide very valuable opportunity for regional Internet
communities including IP managers, Internet Resource Analysts
(hostmasters), ISPs, network engineers etc to liaise with APNIC trainers to
learn how to request, register and manage Internet resources.

To allow Internet users in the Philippines to connect to the global
Internet, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operate complex networks of
servers and routers, which communicate using the TCP/IP protocol. These
networks must have access to IP addresses, the numbers that identify
network equipment to the Internet and allow data to be routed around the globe.

The second day tutorial on Internet Routing Registry provides opportunity
for participants to learn features of Routing Registry, basics of Routing
Policy Specification Language (RPSL), how to express routing policies using
RPSL and how to extract routing policies using the RtConfig tool.

APNIC is one of four Regional Internet Registries (RIR) in the world
responsible for managing the public IP address pool, and for providing
resource allocation and registration services to the Asia Pacific Internet

Further details about the registration procedures or information about
training seminar can be obtained from APNIC's website at
http://www.apnic.net or by email to <training@???>.


25 May, 2004 (9:00 - 17:00)    Internet Resource Management Essentials

26 May, 2004 (9:00 - 17: 00)    Internet Routing Registry Tutorial

Seminar Room, 2F
Thomas Aquinas Research Complex
University of Santo Tomas
Espana Boulevard
Sampaloc, Manila
Tel: +63 2 406 1717

Certificate of participation, training materials, lunch and refreshments
will be provided.

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