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Author: The Isko't Iska Linux Users' Group
To: free.net.ph Global Announcement List
Subject: [free.net.ph Admin] Scheduled System Downtime: 7 April 2004 to 11 April 2004
Hi everyone,

Our servers will be offline from Wednesday, 7 April 2004, possibly until
Sunday, 11 April 2004, which have all been declared[1] non-working
regular and special holidays by President Arroyo.

During this time free.net.ph mailing lists, the tlc.irc.free.net.ph IRC
node and the free.net.ph website will be inaccessible. Our primary DNS
server will also be down. Hopefully the secondary DNS servers provided
by UltraDNS will do their work. Mail sent to free.net.ph addresses while
the servers are down will be queued by the remote servers for delivery
when our servers go back online, so no mail loss should be expected.

I will be taking our servers down to add new hardware to improve the
performance of our main services and to do thorough hardware tests, as
well. I hope to have systems back online before Easter Sunday but have
given myself the entire Holy Week to make sure everything is in working

I apologize for whatever inconvenience this may cause. Please understand
that we are doing these upgrades to improve the reliability of the
(free) services we provide.

--> Jijo

[1] http://www.news.ops.gov.ph/proc_583.htm

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GNU/Linux Specialist : GnuPG 0x93B746BE : we refer to freedom, not price.
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