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Author: ali
To: A Philippine Pythonista Hangout
Subject: Re: spyce vs mod_python
> Is modpython psp written in C? If so it is likely to be faster than
> Spyce (which is written in Python).

the author of psp is also a core developer of php... the parser is written
in C (flex) but the author claims that everything is python (aside from the

> Spyce speed (when running under mod_python) is, I believe comparable to
> jsp/asp. PHP (even uncompiled) is the speed king and I don't think

> comes close (any feedback on ASP.NET's speed?).

if the parser of spyce is written in python... maybe we can persuade the
developers of spyce (rimon) to use a C-based parser to compete... am not a C
fan but i must admit that spyce would be a lot better if it can rival php as
to speed (or maybe second only to php)...

> There are a LOT more factors to consider other than speed though.

yup! yup! yup!

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