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Author: Andy Sy
To: A Philippine Pythonista Hangout
Subject: Re: spyce vs mod_python
ali wrote:
> i like spyce more than any python-html ala php technology... and i think my
> andy sy thinks the same way (ata... hehehe)...

Absolutely. :-D

> but i just recently downloaded the pre-release version of modpython3.1 and
> and found a psp module embedded in modpython itself...
> what do you think about the impact of this to other similar python-web
> technologies like spyce, skunkweb, cherry, etc?

Yeah there was a fairly long thread on this topic before which Rimon
Barr participated in. It should be available in Google Groups. They
were talking about a standard psp embedded html language versus retrofitting
mod_python for a more plugin-style framework (Rimon's proposal).

> i definitely think that spyce is significantly more mature and easier to use
> and understand but i dont think spyce can beat the php-like parsing speed of
> psp...

Like you, I believe Spyce is bound to be a lot more mature and polished
and all evidence points to the fact that Rimon Barr is an excellent designer.

Is modpython psp written in C? If so it is likely to be faster than
Spyce (which is written in Python).

Spyce speed (when running under mod_python) is, I believe comparable to
jsp/asp. PHP (even uncompiled) is the speed king and I don't think anything
comes close (any feedback on ASP.NET's speed?). There are a LOT more factors
to consider other than speed though.

As far as I'm concerned, mod_python's PSP design should be made as Spyce-like
as possible... (development time will be slower if it is written in C/C++,
expect new features to come more slowly and for it to be more susceptible to

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