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Subject: Re: PalmOS-based Product Catalog with Photos
> One aspect of this that I'm currently wanting to read up on, though, is
> that the product database should have photos (one photograph per
> product). I don't know how to work out the storage if this on the Palm
> database. I'm planning to develop this application (currently in the
> design/proposal stage) for the Palm Tungsten E since that comes with
> 32MB of memory and a 320x320 colored monitor.

PDB records are really just blobs, no default structure at all. You may
store the photos, and other metadata in the PDB, e.g. one PDB record per

> Would anyone have recommended reading material or sample code for
> database synchronization with the Palm in GNU/Linux as well as handling
> photographs on the Palm, with a JPilot plugin handling the
> synchronization?

I'm not familiar with the JPilot plugin, but I've designed and developed
conduits for Palm SyncManager using JSync. AAMOF, I have an application
I'm currently finishing that's close to what you're trying to do :) The
handheld app runs on top of SuperWaba, the conduit on top of JSync, and
the web application on top of a J2EE server.

stay cool.

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Jeff Gutierrez (jeff at gutierrez dot ph)
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