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Subject: [plug-misc] PalmOS-based Product Catalog with Photos
Hi everyone,

Please pardon the cross-post. I also already sent this message to the
MAPALAD forum and the JPilot mailing list.

I'm new to Palm and JPilot plugin development. For my thesis/special
problem in University I'm working on a mini CRM (Customer Relationship
Management) system with a mobile component powered by the Palm. This
will involve synchronizing a client and product databases on a
PostgreSQL server with the Palm, which I hope to do as a JPilot plugin
on GNU/Linux.

One aspect of this that I'm currently wanting to read up on, though, is
that the product database should have photos (one photograph per
product). I don't know how to work out the storage if this on the Palm
database. I'm planning to develop this application (currently in the
design/proposal stage) for the Palm Tungsten E since that comes with
32MB of memory and a 320x320 colored monitor.

Would anyone have recommended reading material or sample code for
database synchronization with the Palm in GNU/Linux as well as handling
photographs on the Palm, with a JPilot plugin handling the
synchronization? Currently I have (and am reading) two books: "Palm OS
Programming Bible" 2nd ed by Lonnon Foster and "Palm Database
Programming" by Eric Giguere. I've also downloaded the standard PalmOS
references from the PalmOS developers site and will be looking through

I'd also appreciate recommendable free software tools for PalmOS
programming when using a GNU/Linux system.

Thanks a LOT in advance!

--> Jijo

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