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Author: Bayanihan GNU/Linux Maintenance and Development Mailing List
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Subject: Re: minutes of the meeting
On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 12:56, Paolo Alexis Falcone wrote:
> Moreover, many of the desktop apps that users would like are already in
> Mandrake, and they aren't the crippled versions like the ones that
> Redhat includes in their former distribution.

Well, you can find some of the multimedia apps from the PLF media.

> Morphix is a variant of Knoppix - which is a live CD distribution.
> However - prepare to modify a lot in the system initialization if you
> wish to proceed with moving towards this direction (although I think it
> would be really cool...) If we're to go this way, I think it must
> present an option to install the thing properly on disk - I doubt that
> would be really possible without adding another CD as the live CD
> distribution would contain a running modified filesystem image as
> opposed to just a repository of packages that would be manipulated on
> demand by the installation system.

And not only that, instead of giving time to develop a live CD of
Bayanihan Linux, just concentrate on the main Bayanihan Linux
distribution before forking it to other implementation.

By the way, you can make a customized distribution based on Mandrake
Linux by using the "mkcd" tool that was developed for making ISO images
based on what packages you want to add in your customized Mandrake Linux
CD installer. The "mkcd" tool is included in the main media.

Once you already decided on what packages you want to add in your
customized Mandrake Linux system, you can hack "drakX" and download the
manual at

Again, below are the media available for Mandrake Linux and is still

- Main (3 CD download edition of Mandrake Linux)
- Updates (Security fixes, Bug fixes and General updates)
- Contrib (Packages that were not included in the Main)
- PLF (Packages that were not included in the Main for legal reasons)
- RPMHelp (Most packages are from Dan J. Bernstein)
- Texstar (Texstar's contribution packages for Mandrake Linux)
- JPackage.Free (Coherent set of Java software packages)

Good luck!

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