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Author: Bayanihan GNU/Linux Maintenance and Development Mailing List
To: Bayanihan GNU/Linux Maintenance and Development Mailing List
Subject: Re: minutes of the meeting
On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 09:00, bayanihan wrote:
> ==========================
> -matagal ang start-up and installation
> -desktop fonts should be customizable on first start-up

I was having some trouble installing BL v3Beta on IBM Netvista machines
here at the QC City Hall... I think the option of letting the user
select what packages that can be install should be present (instead of
the default behavior of skipping package selection). We shouldn't hide
power from power users.

> Suggestions for BL3 Full:
> =========================
> - QT based installer

The Mandrake installer is one real beast that's worth emulating.
Cohesive and easy to understand.

>  Localization
>      - 50% not sure to be incorporated with BL
>      - how about Taglish muna
>      - how about the installer/anaconda is localized muna

If the installer would be localized - that's already a good start. Then
work it from the outside going in...

For BL to be even viable - it has to offer something that isn't offered
by other distributions - otherwise it's too much effort that goes
nowhere. Localization is the toughest task to do but would really
distinguish BL from just being another RHL clone.

> ===========================
> 1. Bayanihan Demo CD like knoppix

I think we should deliver main first - then make a custom image of main
to be a live CD distro. :D

>  3. Kiosk 
>      - pre package in Hardware
>      - LTSB

Target the schools for this. There are a number of local government
projects that would need low-cost kiosks... just be prepared to fight
with tooth and nail to promote this liberating technology to the
teachers who have been so accustomed with proprietary solutions. It's an
uphill fight - but it can be won.

>  4 BL Server
>      -a different branch

Maybe in another time... as the old Unix maxim goes - do one job and do
it well :D

>  5. Survey HW popularity
>      -mouse
>      -modem

Unfortunately there are still a couple of people who do have arcane
paperweight winhardware.... :(

>  6. Enhance HW detection
>      -DVD

For your hardware problems -> Mandrake has a good implementation on
somehow solving this.

>  7. Have a supplementary CD
>      - school
>      - offices
>      - library
>      - developers

Nice idea! We'll help with the supplementary CD for library usage once
main has been stabilized :D

The iso images for such CDs may be placed on a public server should
there be a need courtesy of a niche user. Otherwise, main should suffice
for normal desktop usage.

> 12. check for opensource apps on
>      -DEFRAG
>      -SCANDISK

THERE SHOULD BE NO NEED FOR THIS. The mere fact that an OS should use
these tools is evidence enough that the creators of the OS haven't
learned or applied sound file system design and practice - which was
already there and publicly taught even way back in the 80's on the
> ======
> * Paolo Falcon's company will test WINE daw

We already have some wine configs for some common windows applications
(games primarily :D) courtesy of our company's system analyst.

Additional suggestions:
* Remove the compilers, interpreters and development libraries from
* Recompile some apps with saner options (must conform still to license
compatibility issues).

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