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Author: Bayanihan GNU/Linux Maintenance and Development Mailing List
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Subject: Re: minutes of the meeting
On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 11:12, Marvin Pascual wrote:

> Why not adopt Mandrake? It's RPM based distro with a powerful tool
> named "urpmi" like the "apt-get" of Debian? Besides, it has more GUI
> tools to make it more manageable for newbies like me. The Mandrake
> Control Center and the DrakWizard are the first two GUI tools that are
> widely used and are available by default designed for MS Windows users.

With RH's abandonment of the desktop in favor of their RHEL line,
Mandrake is the nearest logical choice for an RPM-based distro. We've
been using it here in our office for our workstations ever since -
admittedly its hardware support is really good (else Debian won't adapt
Mandrake's discover library).

Moreover, many of the desktop apps that users would like are already in
Mandrake, and they aren't the crippled versions like the ones that
Redhat includes in their former distribution.

> > 8. Modular BL, parang MORPHIX

> I don't know what you mean by this.

Morphix is a variant of Knoppix - which is a live CD distribution.
However - prepare to modify a lot in the system initialization if you
wish to proceed with moving towards this direction (although I think it
would be really cool...) If we're to go this way, I think it must
present an option to install the thing properly on disk - I doubt that
would be really possible without adding another CD as the live CD
distribution would contain a running modified filesystem image as
opposed to just a repository of packages that would be manipulated on
demand by the installation system.

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