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Subject: Re: minutes of the meeting
On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 09:13, kim wrote:
> We would also like to thank Mr. Melvin Vivas of PHIL-JUG for coming
> and for the great interest in contributing some Java apps in
> Bayanihan. We will be looking forward to more exchange of
> communications.

It's PinoyJUG. I don't know what happened with PhilJUG, Inc. anymore.

> Suggestions for BL3 Full:
> =========================
> - QT based installer

Why not adopt the drakX of Mandrake Linux? You can check the following


>      - Research more on the different DISTO for creativity
>          SUSE
>          DEBIAN
>          Knoppix 3.3

Why not adopt Mandrake? It's RPM based distro with a powerful tool
named "urpmi" like the "apt-get" of Debian? Besides, it has more GUI
tools to make it more manageable for newbies like me. The Mandrake
Control Center and the DrakWizard are the first two GUI tools that are
widely used and are available by default designed for MS Windows users.

>  3. Kiosk 
>      - pre package in Hardware
>      - LTSB

It's LTSP, Linux Terminal Server Project. By the way, Mandrake Linux
developed and already included the Mandrake Terminal Services
(drakTermServ) in the current Mandrake Linux 9.2. You may want to check
it out.

>  6. Enhance HW detection
>      -DVD

I believe that Mandrake Linux is much more powerful with regards to
auto-detection of hardware installed in the machine.

> 8. Modular BL, parang MORPHIX

I don't know what you mean by this.

> 9. -create a Bayanihan Office is good enough. What is/are your reason(s) why do
you want to develop a "Bayanihan Office"? I would suggest you to
concentrate first developing the Bayanihan Linux before you proceed to a
new project.

> 10. Synaptics version for BL --> contributions from PHIL-JUG for updates
> and wizard

Mandrake Linux has a GUI tool for installing, removing, updating and
browsing available packages and adding media from any mirrors that are
available at named
"rpmDrake". So why re-invent the wheel? If you will adopt Mandrake
Linux, just enhance the available tools that Mandrake Linux has since
most of them are written in Perl and Python.

>  11. Meta package for BL
>      -apt-get in the server for downloadables

Mandrake Linux has a package to automatically setup a web based mdk.rpm
package media either in HTTP, FTP or RSYNC. The term "media" is
equivalent to the "soure.list" of Debian. The package name is
"urpmi.setup-web". If you visit site, it is the output of the
"urpmi.setup-web" mdk.rpm package.

>  Linux Users group are scattered --We should coordinate them together
>      -PLUG

We're not formally informed yet.

Good luck!

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