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Author: Dean Michael C. Berris
To: compsci
Subject: Re: [plug] [OT] Programming in the Philippines.
On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 15:55, Radamanthus Batnag wrote:
> > If you wanted a programmer, train one -- don't get a CS graduate. If you
> > want someone who can solve a problem algorithmically with known methods
> > or solve problems in a brilliant and elegant way, get a CS graduate --
> > just don't expect him to be a programmer also. :)
> The problem with the pure CS approach is it forgets to tackle the
> economic/business aspect of a computing problem.

Well, that's why there are electives for Management and Economics.
Computer Science per se is meant not to tackle the business side of
things IMO because nothing in the words Computer Science relate to
business. That's why it's called Computer Science and not Information
Technology Management.

<snipped part where the computer scientist was beheaded>

Well, it was meant to be humorous anyway. :D That being said, you
wouldn't be taught how to embed a computer in Computer Science because
you deal with algorithms and the science of computation. If the king
asked the computer scientist to figure a way to fit his treasures in a
knapsack or how to get the shortest path from his kingdom to every other
kingdom, then surely the computer scientist would have something more
relevant and realistic to say don't you think?

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