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Author: Philippine Linux Users Group Mailing List
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Subject: [plug] Searchable Mailing List Archives Back Online
Fellow Free Software enthusiasts,

Please pardon the cross-posted announcement.

I'm happy to let everybody know that the searchable mailing list
archives hosted by The Leather Collection, Inc. for the Free Network
Group are back online after quite awhile of being unavailable. The
archives are accessible through the same address[1].

The archives are now powered by version 0.9 of the Lurker[2] software,
which has a completely new user interface compared to the previous
version we used. Lurker 0.9 has also added the capability for mailing
lists to be grouped together. Our archives have four mailing list
groups: International Free Software Community, Philippine Free Software
Community, Miscellaneous Lists, and Computer Security.

Please report any problems with the archives to me by private mail.

Thank you and we hope you find the archives useful.

--> Jijo

[1] http://marc.free.net.ph
[2] http://lurker.sourceforge.net

Federico Sevilla III  : http://jijo.free.net.ph      : When we speak of free
Network Administrator : The Leather Collection, Inc. : software we refer to
GnuPG Key ID          : 0x93B746BE                   : freedom, not price.

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