War Against Terrorists at Congress

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Author: jijo
To: ilug
Subject: War Against Terrorists at Congress
I received this urgent message and it makes a lot of sense. I am convinced that the impeachment of Chief Justice Davide initiated by Congress is immoral and endangers the stability of our democratic institutions.

I signed up the petition at the website http://www.elagda.com . You might want to do the same. It's a small contribution in preserving the stability of our country.

Message from enteng of elagda.com

My fellow e-Mandirigmas,

Three years ago today, we worked together, through the Internet, for the ouster of a leader known for his corrupt and immoral ways.

Today, we are being called anew... this time, to defend a leader known for his integrity and to preserve the institution he represents.

A group of congressmen who would make us believe that out of a deep sense of duty,
they are compelled to bypass basic procedures and courtesies, used their numbers to directly send the articles of impeachment against Chief Justice Davide to the senate.

But we will not be fooled. We know the real reason. NPC party chief "Boss Danding" has suffered a series of setback from the rulings of the current bench of the Supreme court. This move was both to avenge his debacles, and to pre-empt future adverse

It's a scary thought... when one man, as rich and powerful as "Boss Danding", can pervert the instruments of Congress to serve his ends. His minions in Congress are worse than terrorists. They are all too willing to push the institutions of government to the brink of collapse just to stay in the good graces of their grand patron - who, they expect, will finance their bids for re-election.

What can we do?


They need at least 76 signatures to railroad this and endorse the articles of impeachment to the Senate. As of last count, there were 86 who signed. We only need to convince 11 congressmen to withdraw their signatures to prevent this immoral action.

We have compiled a list of terrorist congressmen with some contact information. You can check our website (http://www.elagda.com) and send them email, letter, telegram, or call them.


President GMA is the most powerful person in the country. She can certainly influence the congressmen under the administration party to withdraw their signatures, without violating the principle of separation of powers.

Join us in a petition to make her accountable for the resolution of this political crisis. Sign up at the website (http://www.elagda.com).


Our main counter-terrorist weapon is our numbers. Nothing scares politicians the most than the prospect of losing an election. Let us tell as many friends as we can to join us in this fight. Let us show these immoral politicians that we can muster enough numbers to make them lose in the coming elections.

4. PRAY.

We come at another critical time in the history of our nation. We need to pray fervently and ask for God's divine intervention. The best of man's plans fail without God's blessings. Proverbs 16:9 teach us "The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps."

You can join us in praying for our nation. Visit [http://www.HealOurLand.ph]

There is little time left. I urge you to be involved in this campaign with a sense of passion and urgency that can spell the difference between an aborted impeachment and a long-drawn drama series at the Senate. Let us enjoin as many people as we can to bear pressure upon our terrorist congressmen and upon President GMA.

Together, and with God's blessings, we shall prevail.

God bless and God save our country!


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