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Subject: [ph-networkers] help on policy routing
Dear Fellow Tech,

I have some concerns of my cisco routers

                                                        _____Linux 1  
                ---------------------         |---------|
LAN-------->   cisco 2611 |------->|             
                ---------------------         |---------|
                                                        |_____Linux 2

                Local IP                         Public IP
LAN          -
CISCO      -
LINUX1     -              xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
LINUX 2     -              xxx .xxx.xxx.xxx

I have 2 links going to internet both are connected with dsl, My concern is how to make all email traffic going to the internet will pass to my LINUX 2. as of now the default cisco route is pointed to LINUX 1. I think my cisco router can segregate the traffic, how could i do ? need your help


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