Article: Progeny Ports Red Hat's Anaconda To Debian

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Author: Mike P
To: Bayanihan GNU/Linux Development
Subject: Article: Progeny Ports Red Hat's Anaconda To Debian
Progeny Ports Red Hat's Anaconda To Debian

Ian Murdock's post:
Detailed Article:

      We have ported Red Hat's Anaconda installer to Debian; essentially,
      we replaced calls to RPM with calls to APT, and replaced Red Hat-specific
      configuration hooks with calls into the configlets and debconf. We have
      also written a tool called PickAx that facilitates the creation of
      Anaconda-based Debian installation CD sets. We are also working with
      various parties to add/merge RPM support into the mainline APT, to allow
      Debian- and RPM-based distributions to be managed using a single APT
      codebase, and possibly even to allow Debian and RPM packages to coexist
      side by side.
      It is our hope that a distribution-independent Anaconda and a
      distribution-independent APT (plus, eventually, a distribution-independent
      configuration framework) will, along with a stronger LSB [Linux Standards
      Base], help unify further the various Linux distributions."

Mike P
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