[ph-networkers] Need help on Cisco 1751 V Router..

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Subject: [ph-networkers] Need help on Cisco 1751 V Router..
Helo all,

We're using an E1 line from pldt to connect our offices in two separate 
buildings. We got this setup, for our second office to join our main office 
lan as well as PBX:
                Leased Line                 |
Router-B                    Router-A    FW  |                |
      (X)----------/\/-----------(X)       [X]---------------| DMZ
       |                          |         |     |           |
       |                          |         |
       |                          |         |
 -----------                  ----------------------  

   BUILDING B            BUILDING A 

We simply want our network B to connect to network A and internet as well.
However, Router-A can't ping a ws on the same subnet when the gw specified on
the ws is the FW's, and can't even get out to the internet.

All ws in the subnet can access the internet, but why is it that
the router--having its E0 interface on the same subnet--can get out the
network's default gw where this is no rules blocking in the FW. What confuses
me most is, the router can't even ping a ws on the same subnet when that WS's
gw is

Should I try another topology or solution? Are their any caveats on a Cisco
1751 V router?

I'll appreciate any advise and thank you very much.
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