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Subject: [ph-perl] hello anyone please help me i am new to perl please respond to my message
hello everyone,
here is my question explanation.

i have one file named iworx_scan_schk.vec

the file contains the following format

pin no   length   scaninput pin        scanoutputpin
 1        1456      p_utxdata0          p_brk_out_n
 2         1427      p_prd0             p_urxaddr2
in this format i have 90 pins
after this for each scaninputpin i have input and for
scanoutpin i have output in the same file continuation
to above description
it looks like
Apply_Scan_vec (p_utxdata0 ,INP


like this i have many lines say 20
now my task is to replace first 30 digits by
following format "1111111100 0000000100 0001001101"and
the rest all by 1.this must be done for first pin
and for second pin from 31 to next thirty numbers and
rest all 1's
this should continue to all input pins.if lines 20 are
over again from first line

similarly for output pins
Apply_Scan_Vec(p_brk_out_n , OUT


like this say 20 lines
now i should replace first thirty numbers by following
"xxxHxxxxxx xxLLLLLxLL LLxHLLHHLH"
rest all by 1's
similarly for second pin from 31 to next 30 numbers
replace by the above like this continues for all ouput
let us say total input pins qra 90 and total
outputpins are 90
after doing this file the result should in new file.
i need to write a code in perl.
i hope atleast one can help me.

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