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Subject: apps dev + Re: [plug] Bayanihan-PLUG Developers Meeting
On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 05:15:57PM +0800, Ariz Jacinto wrote:
> bayanihan targets the desktop right?
> how about a bayanihan version that will cater to the server market, ala
> RH AS, Mandrake Cluster, etc.?
> i think more people would participate since most of the guys and gals
> here are into net/sys admin.

What for? Sysadmins are happy with their stuff.

Why don't we write original apps instead? I think there are some that
are peculiar to the Philippines. One is a dialer for prepaid ISP's.
Even little scripts would help.

let's have a get-together for OSS developers (and friends), too!

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