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Author: Dean Michael Berris
To: Mike P
CC: Filipino Linux Documentation Project
New-Topics: Re: style guide
Subject: Re: style guide
Hi mike,

I am also interested in writing a few HOWTO's myself, and translating
documentation for things like the kernel, and a few userland tools that
I personally use.

I don't know if there exists such a style sheet, although i think the
format to be followed is the format in which the doc came in.

I also have a Distro thing going, and i am also planning to do the
documentation in Filipino (more specifically, and politically correct
would be tagalog).

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

HTH and TIA. :)

On Sun, 2003-06-29 at 21:11, Mike P wrote:
> Dear FLDP colleagues:
> I am planning to translate the Firebird browser to
> incorporate Filipino language support. I know people
> here already translated linux documents to Filipino.
> I would like to ask for advice on where I can find a
> style guide to use. Even some advice on how to be
> consistent in the translation would do. Thanks.


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