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Author: Marvin Pascual
To: penguignus-2003, plug
CC: Ian C. Sison
Subject: [ UPDATES ] ManilaCon 2003
Hello all,

To all the members of the [1]PenguiGnus Team and [2]Ingress Team, please
standby tomorrow morning. Tentatively, we need to meet tomorrow morning
at around 9:00AM at Jollibee Park Square One between Glorietta and SM
City, Makati City.

I do invite and encourage all of you to visit #plug at irc.free.net.ph
tonight for more updates for tomorrow's preparation.

Please don't hesitate to call/text me.


[1] http://plug.linux.org.ph/manilacon/registrants/penguignus
[2] http://plug.linux.org.ph/manilacon/registrants/ingress

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