Preparation for the upcoming ManilaCon 2003

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Author: Marvin Pascual
To: C Francis Pineda
CC: Ian C. Sison
Subject: Preparation for the upcoming ManilaCon 2003
Hello Francis,

Please inform us if the machines are already available and when shall we
configure those machines.

You can get the list of the hardening/PenguiGnus team at and the list
of PLUGgers who can avail the 40% discount at

Thanks in advance.

E-mail: mpascual@???
Tel. No. +63 2 4145602
Mobile No. +63 919 3141254
Yahoo! Messenger ID: bintut
GnuPG Key ID: 7269E38D
GNU/Linux User No. 247127

             Diskless Thin Client Networking using GNU/Linux

ManilaCon 2003 GNU/Linux Hardening Team Coordination List
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