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Author: Anton Bonifacio
To: penguignus-2003
Subject: Penguingnus Team Applicant

My name's Anton M. Bonifacio and I joined the list as soon as I heard
from the irc channel #plug ( and a friend, Chris Haravata,
that a Hardening Team is being "made" or "formed" for the ManilaCon
2003. I would like to be a part of this team to lend a hand and of
course, learn as well.

I'm currently studying in Asia Pacific College, and just recently
finished my internship at SGV & Co., where one of my primary
contributions was to setup a proxy server on a Sun SPARC server running
Solaris, and able to design a ruleset that would disallow the access of
all workstations to Kazaa Networks, Yahoo Messagings servers, etc.
without having to tamper with Singapore-provided firewalls (Checkpoint).

It was me and Carlos Sogono who administered the LinuxFest 2000 event in
APC (which is how I learned of the college). I lectured on Linux Basics
and gave a brief 2-day seminar on Basic Linux Network Administration.
During the summer of 2001, I became a part of the training staff of the
SuSE OpenSource Academy where I was the instructor for the Network
Security Module which lasted one month (80+ hours). I also wrote the
manual that was used for the module which covered firewalls, ids,
auditing, etc.

I can attach a resume on my next message, in case anybody would like to
see it. Looking forward to the possibility of working with all of you.
Good day. :)

Anton M. Bonifacio

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