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Author: Ariz Jacinto
To: penguignus-2003
Subject: PenguiGnus 2003
>It's not invitation only, it's volunteer-only! \8) If anyone is
>interested in helping out (thereby availing of the 40% discount if he/she
>wants to join) then buzz me or jijo about it so they can be subscribed to
>the list

is there another or no other way of availing the discount? =)

ok. ok. is there anything that i can do to help?
research? script? test? repackaging? coffee? =)

i hope to start right away before the week ends.

> - setup and maintenance of the bulletin board
> (team leader: Federico Sevilla III)

are we going to use Plone here?
i want to join this one. may i?

> - hardening of SittingPenguiGnu
> (team leader: ???)

Mike Liguit, ikaw na ba ang team leader nito?
then, count me in.

btw, hindi ba pwedeng mag counter-offense sa event?
(just kiddin....)

how about live monitoring (thru web/mobile)?

one more thing, what distro are we going to use?

May the force be with us. =)

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