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Author: Andy Elacion, Jr.
To: PenguiGnus-2003 Mailing List
Subject: Re: [plug] PenguiGnus-2003 and the ManilaCon-2003 (was: HardeningTeam Update)

Federico Sevilla III wrote:

> On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 04:56:28PM +0800, Dean Michael Berris wrote:
> > uhm, im not sure if i'm missing something here, but is there already
> > an update regardging the hardening team for the ManilaCon? i'm not
> > able to go irc the past month or so because i'm having a hard time
> > connecting to the internet service provided by PLDT.
> We had a meeting on Saturday after the free seminars at APC. PLUG will
> be providing a delegation of 15 volunteers to ISSSP who will serve as
> the bulk of the labor for the following major tasks:
>  - network design and ingress
>    (team leader: Ian Sison)

Count me in.

>  - setup and maintenance of the proxy server
>    (team leader: Ian Sison)

>  - setup and maintenance of the bulletin board
>    (team leader: Federico Sevilla III)

>  - setup and maintenance of the IRC server
>    (team leader: Federico Sevilla III)
>    (team members: IRC network administrative group)

>  - hardening of SittingPenguiGnu
>    (team leader: ???)

> We will be collaborating primarily with Francis Pineda of ISSSP through
> the team leaders for each main task.
> Those interested are invited to signify their intent by joining the
> PenguiGnus-2003 mailing list[1] and posting what subteam they intend to
> be part of. We will hold all official discussions (on the PLUG side)
> about the preparations for ManilaCon-2003 there.
> The list archives[2] are available to the public. At the moment
> membership is open, but we may restrict membership to official
> volunteers only, for which reason all those interested are directed to
> send mail to the PenguiGnus-2003 list signifying their intent.
> Because it will be a labor-intensive task, we hope all volunteers can be
> available for ingress. I cannot remember exactly when this will be
> (Francis/Ian, please let us know), but considering ManilaCon-2003 will
> be on May 7 and 8, all volunteers should ideally be ready for
> event-related work starting Saturday, May 3.
> --> Jijo
> [1]
> [2]
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