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Author: Federico Sevilla III
To: PenguiGnus-2003 Mailing List
CC: Philippine Linux Users' Group Mailing List, Philippine Linux Users' Group Organization Mailing List
Old-Topics: [plug-org] Hardening Team Update
Subject: [plug] PenguiGnus-2003 and the ManilaCon-2003 (was: Hardening Team Update)
On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 04:56:28PM +0800, Dean Michael Berris wrote:
> uhm, im not sure if i'm missing something here, but is there already
> an update regardging the hardening team for the ManilaCon? i'm not
> able to go irc the past month or so because i'm having a hard time
> connecting to the internet service provided by PLDT.

We had a meeting on Saturday after the free seminars at APC. PLUG will
be providing a delegation of 15 volunteers to ISSSP who will serve as
the bulk of the labor for the following major tasks:

- network design and ingress
(team leader: Ian Sison)

- setup and maintenance of the proxy server
(team leader: Ian Sison)

- setup and maintenance of the bulletin board
(team leader: Federico Sevilla III)

- setup and maintenance of the IRC server
(team leader: Federico Sevilla III)
(team members: free.net.ph IRC network administrative group)

- hardening of SittingPenguiGnu
(team leader: ???)

We will be collaborating primarily with Francis Pineda of ISSSP through
the team leaders for each main task.

Those interested are invited to signify their intent by joining the
PenguiGnus-2003 mailing list[1] and posting what subteam they intend to
be part of. We will hold all official discussions (on the PLUG side)
about the preparations for ManilaCon-2003 there.

The list archives[2] are available to the public. At the moment
membership is open, but we may restrict membership to official
volunteers only, for which reason all those interested are directed to
send mail to the PenguiGnus-2003 list signifying their intent.

Because it will be a labor-intensive task, we hope all volunteers can be
available for ingress. I cannot remember exactly when this will be
(Francis/Ian, please let us know), but considering ManilaCon-2003 will
be on May 7 and 8, all volunteers should ideally be ready for
event-related work starting Saturday, May 3.

--> Jijo

[1] http://lists.free.net.ph/mailman/listinfo/penguignus-2003
[2] http://marc.free.net.ph

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