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Author: Benjamin Oris Jr
To: compsci
Subject:, computer science education, and a call for co-conspirators
Hi Everyone,

Tipped off from a thread in PLUG mailing list, I went to the web site of
ArsDigita University, . Its goal was to offer the
world's best computer science education, at an undergraduate level, to
people who were otherwise unable to obtain it (quoted from the site).

Even though I work now as a sysad, I was unable to obtain such an
education. Having found the site, I would like very much to
take its offer and use the Internet's resources to take my own education
in my own hands. To this end, I would also like to make use of this mailing
list and the Free Network Group's IRC services, with the permission and help
from its administrators and subscribers.

Some people would have preferred to do this alone. But I prefer to make
this public and social because I need co-conspirators to subvert and
topple the prevailing and established channels of education... err I
shouldn't have said that. What I mean is that I find learning with other
people fun and more sustainable, and I like trying out alternate ways of

Some people will say, "Why don't you just go to school?", "Doing it alone
is better", "You'll be wasting your time, fool", "Magniningas-kugon lang
'yan". Well, some will say these things, and that's that. I just hope
this post won't spawn a looong thread _about_ this activity being yet
another fool's quest. For one thing, it could be true, heh; for another
I just can't wait to proceed and see for myself.

The learning materials are there at, all to be got and to be
used, and here we are, a community of learners in cyberspace.

So, anybody is welcome to join me and I wish that the people here would
suffer this fool gladly.

"Bricolage, baby"
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