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Author: Pablo Manalastas
To: plug
Subject: [plug] Fwd: [mapalad] Globe GPRS Clarifications

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    Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 18:20:01 +0800
    From: "Winston O. Chiu" <wins_chiu@???>
 Subject: [mapalad] Globe GPRS Clarifications


Just got a call from Chris (of Globe) to clarify the misconceptions,
etc. The real score are as follows:
1. Globe GPRS is open to all postpaid subscriber only of Globe (meaning
no need to apply for G-Surf and Pre-paid lines are not included).
2. Rate = P0.50/KB
3. Now, if you want to avail of a discounted rate, you can enroll
through the G-Surf Add-on Plan with your first 2,000KB (not 2MB) for

Thanks Chris for the heads up.

Winston O. Chiu
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