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Author: Federico Sevilla III
To: free.net.ph Global Announcement List, PH Linux Newbie Mailing List, Philippine Linux Users' Group Mailing List
Subject: [plug] Mailing List Archives at marc.free.net.ph
Hi everyone,

I've upgraded the installation of Lurker on Gusi to 0.6, the latest
upstream release. Wesley Terpstra did radical changes to this version,
especially with the database. The system should be much more robust than
before. Adding back-issues of mailing lists doesn't require database
rebuilds, either, which is really neat.

The archives continue to remain at <http://marc.free.net.ph/> with both
HTML and XML versions available depending on the capability of your
browser. Please report problems to me by personal mail.

I hope many of you find the archives useful.

Happy hacking!

--> Jijo

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