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Author: Horatio B. Bogbindero
To: Dean Michael Berris
CC: compsci
Subject: Re: parallel computing
Quoting Dean Michael Berris <dmcb@???>:

> to the dear professors on the list, are there any studies being done regarding
> parallel computing architectures in universities right now? or at least have
> there been studies relating to load balancing on parallel computing in our
> respective universities?

we do have parallel computing research in the ateneo. a number of different
kinds of parallel computing: distributed lightly coupled, distributed heavily
coupled, volunteer and others.

> currently, i am working on my thesis proposal on a projective load balancing
> algorithm for loosely coupled parallel computer architectures. i am currently
> looking for similar studies done in the past, and would like to cite them as
> part of my related literature.

maybe you can have a chat with luis. he did the bayanihan computing system.
the bayanihan systems used Bulk Synchronous Processing (BSP) for load
distribution. it is also a very very lightly coupled system (volunteer).

> i want my review of related lit to be as exhaustive as possible, and would cover
> as much as i could pertaining to load balancing (computational/processing load
> balancing that is) on parallel computers.
> i would like to know if there are publications in the libraries of the
> universities in manila (or QC for that matter... ;-) ) regarding this matter
> before i go there, so that i could plan my route when i go there.
> any type of help is greatly appreciated.

William Emmanuel S. Yu
Ateneo Campus Network Group (AteneoCNG)
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