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Author: Dean Michael Berris
To: compsci
Subject: parallel computing
to the dear professors on the list, are there any studies being done regarding
parallel computing architectures in universities right now? or at least have
there been studies relating to load balancing on parallel computing in our
respective universities?

currently, i am working on my thesis proposal on a projective load balancing
algorithm for loosely coupled parallel computer architectures. i am currently
looking for similar studies done in the past, and would like to cite them as
part of my related literature.

i want my review of related lit to be as exhaustive as possible, and would cover
as much as i could pertaining to load balancing (computational/processing load
balancing that is) on parallel computers.

i would like to know if there are publications in the libraries of the
universities in manila (or QC for that matter... ;-) ) regarding this matter
before i go there, so that i could plan my route when i go there.

any type of help is greatly appreciated.

TIA. =)

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