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Author: Marvin Pascual
To: Andy Elacion, Jr.
CC: penguignus-2003
Subject: Re: Proposal
On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 15:36, Andy Elacion, Jr. wrote:
> Good day,
> This group seems to be quiet for quite some time but, the Manilacon is
> coming fast.
> I know all of you do this, but I think we have to start now.
> Here's my suggestion, if they will give us an RH to use.

I apologize for the VERY late response.

All your suggestions are great. Thanks to it.

Now, there are some things that need to consider:

[1] What kernel version that we will use? I personally suggest for a
secured Kernel-2.2 based from Mandrake.
[2] All the connections are wireless. And I assume you already know the
security weaknesses of WiFi as of today.
[3] I don't know if this is recommended and if I make sense. Why not
make a set of rules to mirror all the portscan attempts and if ever the
intruders notice it, there is also an opposite value of open/close
[4] Would it be possible to use the packages from OpenBSD and port it to
our GNU/Linux system?

That's all for this time. It's already 5:12am. I need to rest na.

Good luck to us all...

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