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Author: Marvin Pascual
To: Dakila Reyes II
CC: penguignus-2003
Subject: Re: Redhat Enterprise Linux AS
On Sun, 2003-04-06 at 23:23, Dakila Reyes II wrote:
> Since 2 of the volunteers are seasoned Debian geeks.
> I guess its better implementing it in Debian.
> I think the major goal here is to prove that Linux _is_ better than Windows.
> That means mas mauna dapat tumumba ang W2k box. :)
> Parang proof lang for all the Linux hype. "Low Cost/Free, Stable and Secure".
> Dagdag Pogi points pa siguro sa mga Linux people :)

I apologize for the VERY late reply.

As I considered myself as one of the Open Source and/or Free Software
advocate, I don't think that this battle is ONLY against for Microsoft.
If you only knew, Sun has the highest market in Unix servers. Most of
the systems and servers of the big enterprises around the world are
using Sun solutions. And all of their hardware are NOT open standards
and their solutions are VERY commercial.

I am against to all VERY commercialized, NOT an open standards and an
OVERPRICING solutions! It's not easy of being one of the witnesses of
this kind of environment.

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