[free.net.ph Admin] Downtime due to Weird UPS Failure

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Author: Federico Sevilla III
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Subject: [free.net.ph Admin] Downtime due to Weird UPS Failure
Hi everyone,

Gusi was down since around 0600h on 16 April 2003. Unfortunately because
of the holy week vacation here at The Leather Collection, Inc., and the
change of schedule of my OJT at Infophil.com, I was only able to attend
to it this morning.

It turns out the UPS powering Gusi hit a weird failure during the
regular power fluctuation in the building at 0600h. Weird because the
signal (both on-line and on-battery LEDs blinking, on an APC Back-UPS
Pro) is not explained in the manual. Also, I tried things after a fresh
start and it is able to handle the load even with main power removed.

I've switched Gusi's original UPS with another computer's, and hope this
will survive through to the weekend. All services seem to be ok, and the
filesystems are intact, as well. I will be out of town starting 0530h,
with no Internet access, and no substitute administrator, so I hope
things ride smoothly until I get back.

My apologies for the inconvenience this could have caused.

--> Jijo

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