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Author: eric pareja
To: PenguiGnus-2003 Mailing List
Subject: Team Documentation and Objectives
Allo Juan et Alice,

I think that one of the possible outputs of the team is documentation of
what steps we took to harden the GNU/Linux server.

There is no doubt that we all have our favorite distributions and
techniques, but I think that at the onset, it is important for us to all
be clear about our objectives in the team.

Therefore, I propose that the primary objective of the team is to apply
best practices in securing any given GNU/Linux server with specific
service requirements and to document these best practices for the purpose
of education of the public. This objective is attainable regardless of the
outcome of the crack-a-thon.

For this purpose, we can put up a webpage that is editable by anyone (a
WikiPage) to permit collaboration on documenting various aspects of the
team effort. If you don't understand how a Wiki works, suffice it to say
that it works because of versioning.

I also propose that individuals that are involved in the effort keep
detailed weblogs of their participation, their comments and opinions on
different issues that arise during the event or preparation and perhaps a
post-mortem analysis of the event, what went wrong, what went right, etc.

It might be important also to establish that some principles of securing a
GNU/Linux installation cut-across distributions. As early as now, I can
say that the team can properly configure any given distribution as long as
we adhere to certain standards and procedures. It is critically important
that all members of the team keep open communication with the rest of the
team in order that we work as a unit and that the team is able to cover
all bases.

This mailing list is the first channel of communication for the team prior
to the event. I encourage us all to use it as best we can.

I've also set up a WikiPage at which
you are invited to edit and transform according to what you feel will be
useful to the team and potentially to others.

These are just my initial thoughts about the whole endeavour. May we all
learn from this experience as we work together in Defending the
Penguin. :)

___ Eric Pareja (xenos AT | Information Management Service [IMS]
\e/ Network and Systems Administrator | University of the Philippines Manila
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