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Author: Federico Sevilla III
To: PenguiGnus-2003 Mailing List
Subject: Re: Redhat Enterprise Linux AS
On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 11:23:05AM +0800, Andy Elacion, Jr. wrote:
> Why not plan 1 group for Debian 1 group for RH 1 for etc. I know this
> will take time to do all but, as you have said there are 2 Debian
> geeks here. I know also that there will be RH geek, slackware geek in
> this group.

Fragmentation. We need to have a solid team. I'm actually worried our
preferences will prevent us from working solidly as one group. Sigh...
"GNU/Linux failed because the team couldn't decide what to use".

> Why not let the Debian geeks give their idea on how to secure Debian,
> RH geek on RH, etc. This way we will cover all linux distro. As of
> the moment we still don't know what distro they will trow at us. It
> will be better to plan to secure all the distro before hand so that we
> will not be a sitting duck if they will trow a distro that we were not
> prepared to use.

When can we be certain about what distribution we will be using? I think
we need to get our act together at least in this end. The three-day
hardening period with the actual specs is fine, but I think we need to
know what hardware and distribution we'll use beforehand so we can

Can anyone help with getting this information authoritatively?

--> Jijo

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