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Author: Dakila Reyes II
To: Federico Sevilla III
Subject: Re: Redhat Enterprise Linux AS
On Sun, 2003-04-06 at 18:28, Federico Sevilla III wrote:
> > If we can have two boxes, then setup one hardcore security oriented
> > linux box and the other one would be a Redhat Enterprise Linux AS
> > (hardened).
> I know not everyone thinks like I do, but I think this is an opportunity
> to advocate free software as a secure alternative to non-free software.
> The other sitting ducks will already have commercial backing. Why does
> the SittingPenguiGnu need to have one, too?
> I say we go with Debian unless some power-that-be forces us otherwise.
> Beyond advertising the skills of the PenguiGnu team, I am hoping
> ManilaCon 2003 can be a chance to advertise the quality of free
> software, putting it even more prominently on the map of people needing
> secure alternatives.

Since 2 of the volunteers are seasoned Debian geeks.
I guess its better implementing it in Debian.
I think the major goal here is to prove that Linux _is_ better than Windows.
That means mas mauna dapat tumumba ang W2k box. :)
Parang proof lang for all the Linux hype. "Low Cost/Free, Stable and Secure".
Dagdag Pogi points pa siguro sa mga Linux people :)

Just icing to the cake na siguro kung Linux yung manalo.

OK siguro if there will be two boxes. 1 debian at 1 yung linux na medyo
pang "research area" siguro.

Dakila Reyes II <dareyes@???>

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