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Author: Andy Elacion, Jr.
To: PenguiGnus-2003 Mailing List
Subject: Proposal
Good day,

This group seems to be quiet for quite some time but, the Manilacon is
coming fast.

I know all of you do this, but I think we have to start now.
Here's my suggestion, if they will give us an RH to use.

1.  install linux on a minimum (core linux only) and remove the services
that you don't need like nis,ftp, etc.
2.  set the firewall into maximum.
3.  Put no login in /etc/hosts.allow to filter incoming packets
4.  update the newly installed daemons like open-ssl, etc.
5.  compile/install new kernel.
6.  Modify /etc/lilo.conf and add the following:
            time-out=00   #add this line and change this it to whatever
shortest delay you want.
            restricted   #add this line
    chmod 600 /etc/lilo.conf
    chattr +i /etc/lilo.conf
7.  Delete all special users and groups accounts like uucp, shutdown,
halt, etc.
8.  Change the PASS_MIN_LEN to "8" instead of "5" in /etc/login.defs
9.  Add TMOUT=3600 in the /etc/profile
10.  Comment out unusable services and ports  (like telnet, talk) in
        chmod 600 /etc/services
        chattr +i /etc/services
11. Disable all console-equivalent access for regular users.
12. Only allow root to execute services in /etc/rc.d/init.d and imunize
the files.
13. Modify /etc/host.conf and add "nospoof on"
14. Disable CTRL_ALT_DEL in /etc/inittab.
15. Hide your system information like kernel version, and hostname
during login.
16. Disable direct "root" login. Instead, use "su" or "sudoers".
17. Disable unused SUID/SGID programs.
18. Create a new set of ipchains/iptables policy and up it last in
19. compile/install the packages that Mailacon will required from us.
20. Install nmap and snort to check/monitor for the open ports.

n:Elacion, Jr.;Andy
tel;work:(632) 726-1443
title:Network Supervisor
note:Test mail.
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fn:Andy Elacion, Jr.
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