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Author: Charlton Lopez
To: ph-licuts
Subject: [ph-licuts] Would you like to begin Linux database programming?
Dear Guys and Gals,

Are you looking forward to extend your Linux skills to
encompass database programming? Need a good place to
start? The world's most popular Open Source database,
MySQL, might be a viable choice for you.

I am selling my book "Sam's Teach Yourself MySQL in 21
Days (with 1 CD)" for P700. The book is
plastic-covered and is still in very good condition.
The CD, too, is in excellent condition.

If any of you are interested and live within Metro
Manila, we may meet face-to-face for the sale. Else,
we might have to do some additional coordination. :-)
Please remember to reply to my personal e-mail
address, not the ph-licuts mailing list.


In just 21 days, you'll have all the skills you need
to get up and running efficiently. With this complete
tutorial, you'll master the basics and then move on to
the more advanced features and concepts.

* Understand the fundamentals and master all of the
key features of MySQL

* Learn how to effectivley use the latest tools and
features of MySQL by following practical, real-world

* Get expert tips from a leading authority on
implementing MySQL in the corporate environment

* Build robust databases from the ground up

* Access data easily and efficiently using database

* Optimize MySQL and keep your databases secure

* Design efficient MySQL databases using normalization

* Learn how to define business rules and objects

* Protect access with Table Locks and Keys

* Make the best use of MySQL's intrinsic functions
such as numerical operations, string manipulations,
and logical conditions.

This book is designed for the way you learn. Go
through the lessons day by day or just choose those
lessons that interest you the most.


Source code found in the book and evaluation versions
of Support Wizard from Integral Solutions and
ER/Studio from Embardcadero Technologies. Also
included are full versions of THOR Systems Upsizer
tool, Perl DBD, Perl DBI, MyODBC, PerlBuilder, and
MySQL, and much more.

Yours truly,


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