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Author: Revi Sun
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Subject: RE: A Not So Realistic Simulation Game
Sounds cool, can't wait to see it. Some ideas:

1. Don't forget the school lab, where student experiments will blow up for
comic relief! Try different kinds of explosions, accidents so it wouldn't
quickly grow old.

2. Maybe you could set up goals/objectives also like target nsat, nmat,
board exam scores for your grads.

3. And how about, janitors and maitenance men? such that your facilities
when not maintained will deteriorate over time...

4. Also how about grading your school based on performance? cleanliness,
student scores, iq, eq, truancy, result of gov't mandated test? The higher
your score the more parents would want to place their kids into your school.
But then you would have to screen them which would cost you, however, since
you school has a high rating, you could raise tuition, but this lowers the
number of students who could afford to get into you school, hhmmm....

5. And maybe you can also be able to add trees, or general areas where the
students can hangout. Maybe hanging out will lead to higher absenteeism and
tardiness rates among students but may bring up your artistic

6. Maybe you can subsidize clubs within the school. This way you can have
your school specialize specialize in arts, music, science, sports, etc.

just thinking aloud,


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Think of a very simple game where you start a simple private school and you
get to hire teachers and other staff + each of these teachers have different
attitude and have different standards and different prices but you are
currently limited to only say... 10 unique teachers. then you have a little
selection of available facilities currently playgrounds and some small
parking lot. and with luck you may get to promote your school to offer
Elementary Services and get more selections of teachers, and get an addition
to your staff which is a Guidance counsellor. anyways, here's my Idea about
this game:

Early Game -> Preschool Stages
Prerequisite: none.
    Only preschool teachers available.
        Preschool house
Elementary School Stages
Prerequisite: student population of 75, 2 Playgrounds, 3 Preschool houses.
    Elementary teachers are now available
    Security Guards available
        Elementary Building
HighSchool Level
Prerequisite: student population >= 300, Gym, Elementary Building
    Guidance Councellor
    High School Teachers
        Club House
        High School Buildings
        Soccer Field
College Level
Prerequisite: student population >= 1250, Soccer Field
        Center for research
        Parking Lot
        Building of Arts
        Building of Sciences
        Building of Engineering
        Building of Technology
University Level
Prerequisite: student population >= 5000, Building of Arts, Building of
Building of Engineering, Building of Technology
        Center of Law
        Center for Medical sciences

Anyways, thats my idea about the game.
This is how you earn money:
Tuition fee payment type:
Monthly: 60% of Student population
PerSemester: 35%
Anually: 15%

Buildings in Preschool Stage can be completed in half a semester
Buildings in Elementary Stage 1 Semester
Buildings in HighSchool Stage 1 and 1/2 sem.
Buildings in College Level 2 sems
Buildings in Univ 1 School year.

Well, thats about it. I hope you guys like the idea

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