Re: [ph-perl] perl connect string to remote oracle database

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Author: Orlando Andico
To: ph-perl
Subject: Re: [ph-perl] perl connect string to remote oracle database
On 28 Oct 2002, sonny e. supilanas wrote:
> hi, our webserver resides on linux mandrake but we need to query from a
> remote oracle dbase running on NT and we're using perl for our cgi apps.
> We also have mysql dbase on same webserver and our perl connect string
> were fine. We do have some documentation on perl-oracle connect string
> but one proble is i can't install the DBD::Oracle module, it abort
> during compilation cause it looks for 'oracle_home' environment so how
> can i set this environment since the oracle dbase is on a remote server?

you need to install oracle on the linux box!
how do you expect to talk to a remote oracle if you dont have the net8

install oracle for linux on the linux machine (no need to set up the
server, all you need are the client libraries), set up ORACLE_HOME
appropriately, and rebuild DBD::Oracle.

Orlando Andico <orly@???>
Mosaic Communications, Inc.

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