Re: [ph-licuts] Grades in XML

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Author: Richard Plana
To: ph-licuts
Subject: Re: [ph-licuts] Grades in XML
sacha@??? wrote:

>Does anyone know a nice DTD for storing grades in XML form? I'm
>thinking of storing grades in a hierarchical format so that I can
>easily drill down for detail, and XML seems like a pretty good fit for

You can try Their motto: "Collaborating to
establish XML standards
for the higher education industry", but so far they haven't come up with
much 'cept a guideline (a paper entitled "XML Technical Specification
for Higher Education
<>") . Should be
interesting to watch their progress, though.

My post pointing to OpenGrade
<> didn't seem to come out.

*Richard Plana, B.Sc., CCNA*
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