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Author: Sacha Chua
To: ph-licuts
Subject: Re: [ph-licuts] Emacs
Richard Plana <richip@???> writes:

Richi! <tacklehugs>

> Although I hardly use emacs, I've been reading about it and reading
> its docs, as well. They actually say this about emacs: "Emacs wouldn't
> be such a bad operating system, if only it had a decent editor", which
> is a joke, I hope, but it really is like an environment. Kinda like a
> shell with built-in Lisp interpreter.

Well, it actually has an _excellent_ editor - that's how I came to
fall in love with it in the first place, after all.

Indeed, emacs has gone far beyond being just an editor and is more
like an environment - but an environment that surpasses even GNOME and
KDE. =) You can easily modify any aspect of Emacs; doing the
equivalent in GNOME, KDE or even the Windows environment would require
a fair bit of work. =)


Going back on topic:

I use emacs to organize my notes using outline-mode.
I have todo and diary take care of my tasks and class schedules.
I use remember.el to jot down random thoughts I haven't classified.
I have bbdb entries for all the students in the class I TA.
I'm working on some elisp files to help me grade projects.

What else are people working on here?
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