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Author: Sacha Chua
To: ph-licuts
Subject: [ph-licuts] Emacs
Jessie Evangelista <jessie.evangelista@???> writes:

> I've heard sacha rant before about emacs and to tell everyone the

Rave, dear. The right term is rave.

Rant would be something I'd do about certain operating systems sold by
a particular monopolistic corporation...

> truth, I've never even fired it up. I'm sure a lot of people here are
> not using it so I was just thinking, maybe sacha can give a
> lecture/seminar on Emacs. I'm sure a lot of peeps would love and
> appreciate this. It will also serve to demonstrate emacs in
> action(assuming hands-on access is possible).

Hmmm. Emacs seems a little intimidating if you're just starting out,
but if you go through the tutorials confident that you can eventually
understand it, you'll survive.

I could show off the funky things I'm doing with Emacs, I
guess. <laugh> But it's not really much - do my mail, look at my
calendar, speech-synthesize a HOWTO in the background while
participating in #linuxhelp in a split window that's between my
outlined notes and my BBDB records... ;)

Don't expect a step-by-step tutorial - there are plenty on the Net,
and Emacs has a cool tutorial inside it - but more like a whirlwind
tour of packages I find particularly useful. <laugh>

Emacs is _so_ cool.

And it's really good for students, too, which is why I'm cc'ing this to licuts.
Want to get together and talk about cool ways to use software for school?

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