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Author: Yardan Ambrose
To: xenos
CC: fil-linux-doc
Subject: Re: Free Software, some thoughts
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From: eric pareja <xenos@???>
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 14:34:49 +0800
To: Yardan Ambrose <yardan@???>
Subject: Re: Free Software, some thoughts

> Quoting Yardan Ambrose <yardan@???>:
> > Here's one. Malaya nga ba ang "Malayang Software?" People can get the
> > software for free, which means libre. All they have to do is download it.
> > "People are free to download free software." To me, the latter loosely
> > translates to "Malaya ang tao na mag-download ng libreng software." Para sa
> > akin, medyo gumugulo ang usapan kapag naiba na ang context o paggamit sa
> > "Free Software." And Free Software is not confined to GNU GPL'ed or
> > Proprietary Sofware (e.g. apache, aol instant messenger, etc.). Why don't we
> > just use "Open Source Software" instead of "Free/Malayang Software?"
> Which is why we're saying we should use "Malaya" instead of "Free" to avoid any
> confusion. The term Open Source was only introduced to clarify this. By
> "Free/Malayang Software", we're not talking about "free to download", "free to
> use". We're talking about "free to do what you want with it when you get it"
> (malaya kang gawin ang anuman sa software na ito), which includes freedom to
> read the source code, freedom to give it away or to sell it, etc. Don't restrict
> our translation of the original terms from English which is ambiguous when we
> can actually use terms that in our language are unambiguous. Free Software is
> generally GNU GPL'ed and -NOT- Proprietary. Don't confuse proprietary software
> with commercial software. Commercial software can be Free Software. For
> clarification on these issues, please refer to It
> would be informative also to read the documentation of the Debian project
> ( as well as Bruce Perens' articles
> ( My suspicion is that if RMS were Filipino, he would
> have used Malayang Software to avoid the confusion regarding economics v. liberty.
> Just to sum up, "Free Software" is not necessarily "free software". Don't
> confuse the two. As for Open Source, I'll leave it as Open Source. The emphasis
> of the two terms is slightly different.
> I am more for Free Software than I am for Open Source. The differences are not
> that clear when you are starting out. But after having been in the community for
> almost a decade, it is evident to me that the underlying philosophy of Free
> Software is more palatable to me. It isn't technical merits alone that bought me
> into the Free Software camp.

Ok. Bad idea. I'll shut up now. Just pointed out what morons would have said.

Oo nga pala, hindi nyo pa rin sinagot ang tanong ko kung bakit kapag pinipindot ko ang reply eh yung sender ang nasa "To:" field at hindi yung address ng mailing list.


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